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Welcome to the Enlightened Perl Organisation's Members site. This site is designed to be used by members of the EPO, those wishing to join the EPO, and those who wish to donate to the EPO, to the Send-A-Newbie Initiative or to CPAN Testers.

The Ordinary membership fee of £100 (GBP) allows us to sponsor and support a number of events throughout the year, including grants to students, initiatives like the Send-A-Newbie, conferences such as the London Perl Workshop, the QA Hackathon and YAPC::NA and for advertising and supporting projects such as CPAN testers, Catalyst, Task::Kensho, Moose, DBIx::Class.

We are also reliant on donations to the organisation to fund our community projects.

TheEPO is a volunteer managed community organisation and a not-for-profit registered in England & Wales, all the money donated or collected through membership is used to further the cause of Perl and the Perl community and the integration with the business community.

Proposal for voting

The Enlightened Perl Organisation is asking all Members to vote on the proposal to charge companies for affiliation to the organisation. Voting is open until 11:59PM GMT, January 31st.

CPAN Testers

CPAN Testers is a volunteer effort to test distributions as they are uploaded to CPAN, the Perl code repository. There are currently over 100 testers, who are able to test across several different versions of Perl and on many different platforms.

There are two aims behind the CPAN Testers projects, firstly to give feedback to authors, and secondly to give users the opportunity to check whether a particular distribution will install and run on their system.

Send A Newbie

The Send-a-Newbie program is designed to enable people go to YAPC who have previously never been to a major Perl event, who are unable to do so by their own means and, hopefully, already involved in some way in the Perl community.

The program was developed by Edmund von der Burg, but as of 2010 the Enlightened Perl Organisation has been the principal managers of the program. Mark Keating has agreed to be the primary contact to take care of the program.

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