Proposal for voting

The Enlightened Perl Organisation is asking all Members to vote on the proposal to charge companies for affiliation to the organisation. Voting is open until 11:59PM GMT, January 31st.
The proposal is that the affiliation will act as a trade association cost* to companies who wish to be involved with the Enlightened Perl Organisation. The fee would be used to market Perl with advertising, conferences and networking events and would be a targeted fund so that the interest of companies would be best represented, funds may also be made available to improve the general look of Perl sites to further enhance the image of Perl.
As a trade associate the companies would receive a specific logo showing that they are an affiliate of the Enlightened Perl Organisation and their logo would be used in marketing and on websites by the EPO to show affiliation with Perl and the aims of the organisation.
A reasonable charge would be taken from companies in the region of five hundred pounds (GBP) annually. If enough funds are available a part time marketing/promotions professional would be hired to further strengthen the Perl brand.
Do you agree or disagree?

*note: this is not a membership and the companies would only gain affiliation as a trade partner of the EPO and Perl.